Monday, August 24, 2009

London sauna

Kelly has asked me when I will update you on my adventures this summer.

Well, it's been busy, and it still is, so I'm not sure when I will get into a good habit of updating my blog more often.

This summer, I've been a trip to London, and that was great. One night, I decided to go to a gay sauna, and I chose Chariots Shoreditch. I don't often go to saunas, mostly because I don't like the feeling of paying to get naked and have sex. London doesn't really have a lot of nudist places, though, so a sauna seemed like the right place to go.

I'm used to being the youngest guy in the room when I go to saunas - and I quite like that. That usually ensures that I will get some attention. I also tend to be carrying my towel over my shoulder instead of covering my cock with it. I really don't see the point of covering up at a gay sauna. I know some saunas have theoretical rules stipulating that you should keep the towels on (in the most public areas), but I've never had anyone complain. I've had people staring, though.

I started out in one of the jacuzzis, where two guys were already sitting. They were not particularly slow - I could feel a hand on my cock after maybe 20 seconds in the water. Of course, my cock got erect quite soon, but I thought it would be quite silly to be jerked off already, so I got up and went to the steam room for a few minutes. As I entered the sauna (which was not particularly hot, by the way), I got the attention of three of the men. Two of them must have been in their early thirties, while the third may have been in his mid-forties. Not bad-looking, any of them. They were looking quite interestingly at my erect cock.

You know how I feel when people stare at me, so obviously I couldn't help starting to jerk off a little. I was looking around the steam room. In the back, a guy was sucking another one. Otherwise, there was no action. Then a guy in his late twenties entered the steam room, saw me sitting there and immediately sat down right next to me. He seemed a bit perplexed, but I just kept jerking off, and with my left hand, I loosened his towel. He was a good-looking guy with a great, "normal" body and a cock quickly stiffening. I took hold of it with my left hand, and soon he took over my cock with his right hand. So now we were sitting there jerking each other off, with three people watching. That's what I like...

We went at it for maybe ten minutes, but then we both came and shot big loads onto the floor. The guys watching us had started jerking off themselves, but instead of watching that, I joined my new friend when he headed for the showers, and we soaped each other in.

I stayed at the sauna for maybe two hours more, mostly just resting in the jacuzzi, watching others having fun - as well as watching others watching me. A sauna is great fun at times - especially when there are no real alternatives...


Tremendi said...

Jo, great to hear you visited my city over the summer (why didnt you let me know - i would have come with you). I have been to a few gay saunas but never to one in my own city (how strange is that?) I think you just persuaded me to go try it. It certainly seems like you had a good time. what else did you get up to while you were here in the UK?

hardtwoholed said...

Thanks, Jo, for posting on your blog. Your fans appreciate hearing from you, so I know I'm not the only one who's glad.

London is so full of wonderful sights and cultural activities that's it's easy to forget for a while that British men love sex and are good at it! I've been to one of the Chariots (but I don't think it was the one at Shoreditch). There's only one here in Honolulu where I am now. So I'll probably go there tonight unless I get a better offer (smile). I'll happily skip the anonymous sex at a sauna if I can end up befriending one of the cute twinks staying in my hostel room. That does not mean having sex with one of them. David is a cute UK guy sleeping under me so maybe we'll do something this evening.

I did make to Blow Buddies in San Francisco - a gay sex club (not a sauna). It's full of bears with rarely anyone there under 30, and even few under 40. So it's limited in its appeal, especially for me. The best fun I had was getting sucked a long time by a youngish Southeast Asian guy, who really enjoy it and loved what he was doing. It was hot having other guys watch us. Will love to hear more later....

Uroskin said...

I went to a Chariots sauna too but the Waterloo branch.

Jo Kristian said...

Thanks for your comments!

Tremendi: I'm sorry, I don't have a clear idea of where you live. I guess I should have remembered, but then the location is not the thing I pay most attention to when I read your blog. Could have been cool to meet, though.

Other than the sauna, I was a tourist (British Museum and that kind of thing) and went to a few gay bars. I ended up not using my hotel room for one night, actually... :-) It was a nice few days.

Kelly: Yes, I agree - I also prefer the less "planned" sex or friendship rather than the sauna kind - but once in a while, saunas are great.

Uroskin: nice to see your "report"!